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This continues to be a busy year for BK-Riverfish!

Check out photos of our Living Rivers School and other recent activities.

The Living Rivers School is a collaboration between Biocitizen and BK-Riverfish that provides hands-on research experiences for students interested in the natural world around them. Check out these new photos of Dr. Kynard and Brian working with students at their river and lab-based camp:

These students are learning about rivers and helping Dr. Kynard and BK-Riverfish with their groundbreaking research on lampreys!

Read about the Living Rivers School in this great story published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette

Read what the Greenfield Recorder wrote about our program here

See more photos and learn more about Biocitizen here:

Monte Belmonte of The River WRSI

radio fame spent a recent afternoon on the Sawmill River with Dr. Kynard and Andrew Fisk, with the Connecticut River Conservancy, learning about lamprey and river ecology. Check out the podcast here

From The Montague Reporter

Dr. Kynard participates in an annual walk and outdoor lecture to the Turners Falls Rock Dam, a Shortnose Sturgeon sanctuary. The top photo depicts the crowd that gathers each spring for the event at which environmental journalist Karl Meyer also participates and is pictured. In the bottom photo, Dr. Kynard talks about his book, Life History and Behaviour of Connecticut River Shortnose and Other Sturgeons. The Montague Reporter included this story in the newspaper in April.

Here are photos from some of BK-Riverfish’s recent appearances at conservation and fisheries conferences…

Earlier this year, we attended the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference in Cleveland, Ohio where we demonstrated our fish ladder technology and met with prospective clients about installation at their dam and culvert sites. Cassandra Root, a graduate student at Central Michigan University, also was there presenting her fish passage research project, with data displaying the effectiveness of our BK-Riverfish ladder in enabling migrating fish species to travel upstream as they once did before dams were constructed.

Here is our booth at the American Fisheries Society’s national meeting held in Atlantic City, NJ.

Here we are at the American Fisheries Society, Southeastern Division’s conference in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico.

BK-Riverfish’s live lamprey exhibit was a hit at the Connecticut River Conservancy’s “River Celebration” event at North Riverfront Park’s Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club in Springfield this summer. Here are photos of other recent conferences we’ve attended and organizations we’ve met with to discuss our fishladder.

The conservation of migratory fish can sometimes be a direct personal effort. BK-Riverfish and volunteers with Biocitizen participated in the Turners Falls Canal drawdown to rescue anadromous Sea Lampreys that were stranded on the canal bottom and would have died after the power company drained the canal. After 3.5 hours of picking Sea Lamprey off the canal bottom and placing them into a bucket of water, Dr. Kynard estimates that 2,000 larvae and 500 juveniles were saved. Rescued fish were then returned to the Connecticut River.

Working together, the group rescued about 2,500 sea lamprey from certain death. The Sea Lamprey is a keystone species in the Connecticut River, and similar efforts should be encouraged throughout the species range on the Atlantic Coast of N. America.

A Shortnose Sturgeon Stout beer was introduced by the People's Pint, Turners Falls, MA, on 16 March 2014 to support conservation of this species. Watch for this popular brew!

We look forward to connecting with you and talking about how our efforts and designs are contributing to conservation efforts across the globe! Please visit again for our latest news and photos!

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